Workplace Safety Poster – The Importance Of Safety Posters

After his sudden, untimely death I was thrown in at the deep end. My mother worried about me as she felt sure that fathers heart attack was brought on by stress.

However, the fact of the matter is that ‘OH&S’ or ‘Workplace Safety’ are just buzz-words that were created to address a pressing social concern. Just like ‘Social Responsibility’ and ‘Climate Change’. The issues and problems aren’t really new, but at the time the buzz-words were created, the consequences of inaction had become startlingly clear – and society demanded that we do something about it.

Forgive me safety statement if I explain the technology less than accurately. Simply put, the device uses GPS technology for establishing location, satellite technology for communicating location, and Internet technology for delivering the information.

Another factor that you should take into account is the proper oxygenation of your koi water which usually refers to the amount of oxygen that exists in the waters. Koi certainly need flowing waters and plenty of oxygen to keep them healthy. Water falls and water fountains are often the perfect ideas in maintaining a healthy living environment for the koi. Some koi ponds even install jets to aerate the waters further. Koi usually loves flowing waters and these jets help in avoiding stagnant areas where ammonia and other bacteria may gather.

They say a new broom sweeps, and that is what I intended doing, as no way was I prepared to lose what my father and grandfather had built up. My first job was to get in touch with Engineering Company, and ask for their advice. They were excellent, and when they showed me how efficient their conveyor belts were, how they took vdu / dse assessments very seriously, I knew I had to replace our old existing ones. They explained to me how their bucket elevators work, and I could see how I could save money and man-hours by having one installed. What fascinated me most were the vibrating sieves – the different kinds of materials they were used for, from bulky heavy materials, to fine powder materials.

PPE – Make sure you provide your workforce with the proper protective equipment, not the cheapest. Too often unsuitable PPE is obtained for the workforce; this usually results in employees not using the equipment as they see it as a hindrance.

You don’t want people to leave the training session asking “what was all that about then?” Make it clear what you want to happen as a result of the training. Start by checking their understanding of the key points, but then ask for their ideas on how they are going to implement what they have learnt. And involve everyone in this and if appropriate record this and make them accountable. After all you want to see something happen as a result of the training or it’s all been for nothing.

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