The Christmas Season Is Over – Now What Do I Sell On Ebay?

EBay is the largest online marketplace where people can make money from selling just about anything they want. Many decide to sell things they no longer want that they’ve found around the house, others choose to make a full time living selling products on eBay. There are many options available on how you can earn money from eBay, some that you may be unaware of. The purpose of this article is to share with you my opinion on the best methods to selling products on eBay. So let’s jump to it.

If you choose this route, be prepared for a lot of hard work! Online retail requires persistence, patience, strategic planning and a high degree of risk.

Many China sourcing companies comes with their in-house research tools too, like Worldwide Brands and Salehoo. I’m sure you have some ideas now on the possible products that you can sell to the market.

4) Good keyword optimization – Think about the main keywords and long-tail keywords that potential buyers will type in to find your product. Make sure that you maximize your titles and descriptions with your keywords. You don’t need flashy graphics but you do need to review your auction listing to make sure that all of your keywords are sprinkled throughout your listing. By doing this, you might even attract buyers searching using platforms outside of eBay, like Google.

1 The first thing you need to do to make money selling on ebay is register for a paypal account to accept payments from your future buyers and sign up to ebay.

You also need to be certain how posting and handling costs will be negotiated. It would be very easy to lose all your profit from the sale by miscalculating the shipping and handling costs. If you know what the cost for this is per product then ideally you would set this up at the start of the auction charging the full costs to the buyer. To save you even more time and hassle ensure that your supplier is going to handle the shipping process. This way you do not have to carry stock and your job becomes a lot easier. In fact going with a wholesale dropship supply partner means never having to spend hours at the post office or buying boxes and packing materials. The items are then shipped direct to the buyers address within a couple of days of payment being received.

In short, being good at marketing on eBay can help you – in a big, big way. Should you become an eBay marketer? I think so. It will help you tremendously.

Making a business plan for your product sourcing for eBay strategy does not have to be complicated. When you are new, it is better to stick to basic principles and keep your plans simple. As you gain experience, you can adjust your plan accordingly.

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