Tell Me Everything About Product Sourcing

Wholesale membership stores are great places to snatch up merchandise to resell. At any given day, you will find discounted items. Check out the sale tables and clearance areas. You will find clothing, audio/video components, video game systems, and appliances at low prices.

But if you want to get a stable income from China sourcing agent for eBay, you need to sell several different types of goods at the same time. After all, you never really know whether a particular item will sell. Just because eBay Pulse says Nintendo Wii was a hot seller for the last 3 months, does not guarantee that YOU can sell any game consoles this week.

Remember to double-check any limitations to where they will deliver. If they don’t do international deliveries, say so in your auction. If they only deliver to certain cities, take note of that as well.

Finding reliable dropshippers who are real wholesalers is a very difficult task. Although it is common practice in the US, it is yet to become a rage in the UK. You could also try visiting liquidation auctions which can be a useful way of making contacts. Once that is done, you send the winner’s name and contact details and the payment to a drop ship company, say Salehoo. The payment is the cost price plus the agreed shipping cost. Buying some stock from a company listed in a place like the Salehoo Directory and whose products you want to stock will help you gain a reliable contact with the company.

The nice thing about running a storefront is that most will come with a template or HTML wizard that will help you get an organized and professional looking site up and running quickly. In addition, most storefront providers will provide you with some sort of hosting. Some offer free hosting, while others charge a fee. I always like to handle the hosting on my own as I like to have full control over my hosting. Sometimes this is possible, other times, it’s not.

You have to make it your business to know what trends are happening in your industry. If you sell lamps, keep your finger on the pulse of what people are buying now, what new styles are on the horizon and what design shows and magazines are featuring. If you skip this step you’re likely to go straight to the step of marking down products that didn’t sell simply because you weren’t paying attention.

The ‘eBay Solutions Directory’ gives you a list of legitimate companies that will help you find reliable wholesale resources. Type solutions and then followed by the eBay url.

This is not just some generic Salehoo review…I am an active member on there, and it has made such a huge impact on my bottom line that I wished I started using it when I first got into business. If you want to succeed in selling merchandise, you need to sign up with Salehoo.

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