How Blog Commenting Can Be Your Best Traffic Strategy

You probably know that if you want your website found that you must build links to it. This will increase your rankings and the amount of traffic to your site. So if you want to build links and bring traffic in you must build links. If you are new to the internet you may not have found our about links yet, but if you have been on for any amount of time then you already know this. Here are some link building tips.

No Website. Some products and programs are telling you that you don`t need a website. This is a misguided advice! You need a website! If you don`t know anything about HTML or web design, create a blog. People and search engines love Style-Blog if they are full of great original content.

For those that attempt a more anaerobic-Lifestyle Blog, based on weight and resistance training exercises, these people gain 3 fat-burning benefits…

Why does God allow suffering? Why does God not stop those making the choice to end their lives? Why does hopelessness persist? These are all questions families and friends want answers to once their loved one has taken their life. And in most cases, these questions remain unanswered. A deeper cause of pain and hurt is the reality that though a person was in need of help, they didn’t ask for it. Hiding behind a smile or “I’m ok”, most are unaware of the personal suffering their loved ones may be experiencing.

Another thing, it’s important for the search engines to see quality content on a consistent basis. They love fresh, high-quality content. One thing that search engines don’t like are sales pages. So how can you associate your sales page with high-quality content? Start a blog on a major blogging site and link back to your sales page. Each time that you complete a new blog on your blog site, that will give you a new link back to your page. That will have the net effect of boosting the PR of your sales page.

This is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog based in Sydney, Australia and Mumbai, India. Admittedly started by two sisters who (as they say) could kill each other while they were kids, you will find everything on this website that a fashionista looks for in top fashion blogs in India. They talk about brands, makeup, do fashion runway reviews and much more.

Social bookmarking sites are another great option for building traffic. You can make friends with people on social bookmarking sites that share the same interests as the topic of your website. Include a link to your website in your profile information and you can also share your website link. There are a few different social bookmarking sites and they work in different ways and it is recommended to use a variety of these sites. Promoting your site on social bookmarking sites can make your site very popular as long as you don’t spam these sites.

So there you go. A zero dollar, seven hour marketing plan that would rake in some earnings. It doesn’t stop there, however. Try to post a new entry everyday, and ping the search engines afterwards. Soon enough, you’ll have a high traffic blog site where you could expose your affiliate links to a whole lot of people!

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