How A Small Investment Can Dramatically Increase Sales

When there is little choice or little competition, the customer can only buy what is offered to them by the village shop, the internal stores or the mobile delivery van.

A lot of writers go off on tangents. They also repeat concepts throughout, which is very confusing. This is why you need to go back over your draft to see if you need to move paragraphs around. Using an outline can help you stay organized from the beginning. Write your first paragraph, which describes what your report will cover. Then make headings for the topics that you will cover. Organize your thoughts and facts under those headings.

It breaks my heart to hear someone giving Корпоративные тренинги по продажам who tells his students to “answer an objection.” You can’t. An objection is not a question. It’s a statement. That’s why everything you have been taught about overcoming objections – that is, answering them – is wrong. The only thing that can be answered is a question. Think about that.

In a situation like this, all the information, all the selling techniques, all the times you have observed more successful sales people, and all the skills you have observed in relating to people, are already stored in your brain. Your difficulty selling will not be solved by taking another sales class. What you need to do is create a resourceful state in which all that knowledge is used and applied.

You realize that hype inflated income claims and fool-proof systems will NOT build your business for you and will not guarantee YOUR own тренинг по продажам В2В personal success.

Lack of sales is the symptom not the problem. You can learn and practice sales and marketing techniques until you are blue in the face but if you are still not getting the kind of enthusiastic YES’S you had hoped for, then it’s time to go beyond the surface.

Make sure both you and your team set personal and business goals for this New Year. They need to determine exactly how many suspects, prospects, proposals and closed sales they need each week or month to make their target.

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