3 Reasons Not To Start A Nonprofit Organization

There is plenty to do in Durham, North Carolina for the 2009 Memorial Day weekend. Here are some possibilities for spending a fun holiday weekend with family and friends.

Donate to a shelter. Food is always an item that a shelter welcomes, so why not help out your local charitable non profit organization by taking by some bags of fresh vegetables. You will feel good about your deed, and the shelter will certainly put the food to good use.

Heart to Heart International is a Kansas City based, charitable non profit organization, which, per their mission statement, strives to “create a healthier world.” Their concentration spans over 60 countries, including the United States. And, through their efforts, you, too, can make a difference.

By assembling Heart to Heart Care Kits, you can help disaster survivors fight water-borne and airborne diseases they are faced with. Simply follow the instructions for assembling the kits, and either mail or personally deliver them to their warehouse (1021 Pacific Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102). This is the perfect opportunity to gather the family together for a great cause.

Thank you Tasha and all the other wonderful Mom’s who have worked hard kept this organzation running for over 25 years! Stay tuned for more interviews and pictures.

If you plan on going this route there are some things you should know credit collection agencies can and will chew you up and spit you out. Trying to get a reasonable rate as an individual is like trying to squeeze the diamond from a piece of coal. Trust me ask for a new payment arrangement and get back to me on your results.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: If you live in the area and are a Mom who would like to get involved, visit the Mothers Connection (TMC) Web site and find out what is available for you and your children.

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